Hardwork. Toil. Drudgery. Grind.

You hear it everyday. “Today has been a grind.” “I’ve been grinding on this project.” “That person is a grinder.” 

But let’s look at how the dictionary defines Grind shall we?


  1. Noun.
    • Hard dull work
    • “relief from the daily grind”
  2. Verb
    • Sharpen, smooth or produce (something) by crushing or by friction
    • “power from the waterwheel was used to grind cutlery”

Along with the more commonly used definitions for Grind, but let’s focus our attention on the informal uses that we commonly use today. The grind has become a synonym for the hard work and dedication required to accomplish desired tasks. It’s used to express a person’s ability to persevere and continue pushing forward, no matter the obstacle standing in the way.

Of the two dicitionary definitions, which do you like better? To me, it’s a mindset. I prefer the defintion of Grind as a verb. “Sharpen, smooth or produce by crushing or friction.” It just wreaks of the blood, sweat and tears that are necessary to create something amazing.

“by CRUSHING or FRICTION” Speaks to the uncomfortable aspects of working hard. Will it be easy? NO! Will it be worth it? YES!!

The athlete and fitness community have adopted The Grind as part of the training process. Work that requires constant focus, deliberate intent towards progress, and honing the skills necessary to be elite. And that’s where we begin.

I come from an athletic background. Growing up I was an active child and always wanted to be moving or playing. One of my earliest memories is playing tee ball in my backyard with the neighbor kids. I must have been 3 or 4 and the neighbors were older, but I wanted to be as good or better than they were. My dad would stay out in the yard after the neighbors left to help “coach” me on my swing.

“Keep your head down and your eyes on the ball,” he would say. Swing and a miss. “It’s ok, try again.” I remember being frustrated.

“Why can’t I do it?!” “The neighbors can hit it so far, why can’t I?!” But I never quit. Days and days in the backyard with Dad trying to get that ball to fly. It didn’t take long and soon, when I took a swing, the ball was going over the fence. Now granted, it was a small yard and the fence wasn’t far, but in my head, I was smashing it over the Green Monster.

This is my first memory of The Grind before I ever had any notion of what hard work was. All I knew is that I wanted to beat the older kids, however I could.

I started this blog as a way to express some of my thoughts, emotions and experiences in life and I wanted to share how embracing The Grind has changed the way I think and act in all facets of life, not just athletics.

My goal is help expose people to my story and stories of those that don’t shy away from hard work but thrive off of it. These people are truly masters of the American Dream, meaning that they dream up an idea and go for it with all they have.

In today’s world or participation trophies, 7th place ribbons, and fair play for everyone, I believe it’s important to instill the fundamentals of hard work to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Let’s be honest, the real world is HARD! And NO ONE, gives a shit about you. In the end, if you want something in life it’s up to you to reach out and take it.

TDGS – Grind On!