6am. You’re asleep in your bed enjoying those warm covers and having the best dream and all of a sudden…..BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, time to get up!

“Ugghhhh I’m not feeling it this morning.”

How many times have you said or heard that saying from the people in your life? I hear it all the time, and for a long time I was the one saying it the most!

One of the most challenging aspects to embracing The Grind is the mindset it takes to remain consistent on your goals. Everyone runs into those mornings where you wake up and you just aren’t feeling it for some reason. You’re tired, you didn’t sleep well, you’re mind is somewhere else or waiting on the long weekend or upcoming vacation. It’s natural for people to have days that are just off. But, by embracing The Grind and understanding your true goals, YOU can make everyday work for you.

Mornings are the perfect time to set your intentions for the day. Here are a few items to add to your morning routine to help start your day.

  1. Prep the Night Before
    • Whether you’re a morning person or not, the time we have in the mornings is usually pretty brief. Why not take an extra 5 minutes before you go to bed to prep a few things for the morning to save a few minutes during the morning rush. Try planning your breakfast, coffee/drink, and even packing your gym bag the night before.
  2. Morning Self-Affirmations
    • Affirmations first became popular in the 1920s and since have been a staple in self help and self improvement books. Recent research has confirmed that self-affirmations can protect from the damaging effects of stress.
    • By centering your focus on your core values and placing deliberate intention on your aspirations for the day, you create a shield of sorts that doesn’t make the tasks at hand any easier, however, it helps you remember the importance of these actions to your overall values.
    •  Self-affirmations are personal and you should sit down and take the time to figure out what affirmations will work best for you. Here are a few examples of self affirmations you can check out.
  3. Goals
    • Goals and Self-affirmations go hand in hand. And for me, my self-affirmations have become the fuel to reach those goals on a daily basis.
    • Your goals should shape the way you approach the rest of your life. If your actions are not contributing to your overall goals, then maybe you should rethink your actions.
    • Use your goals to hold you accountable. Write your goals where you have to look at them in the morning. I prefer the bathroom mirror so that I have to look at myself each morning while I’m getting ready and be real with myself about the actions of the day.
    • *Goals are necessary to start harnessing the power of The Grind, but we’ll have a deeper discussion about goals another time.
  4. Routine
    • The routine itself is as much a part of The Grind.
    • A batter’s hitting routine, the power song you listen to before your big presentation, or the lucky tap above the door to your building on your way out. Each of these routines ease tensions and create a focused energy for the task at hand.
    • Treat your mornings the same way. Develop a routine that allows your to incorporate your self-affirmations and goals as well as puts you in a positive mindset for the day.

Hopefully you’re already using these tips in your own life, but a reminder never hurts. Remember, it’s ok for your goals to change because you are constantly changing and growing. Maybe it’s time to reassess your goals and rework your self-affirmations to reflect where you are in your current journey. It’s all part of The Grind we call life. Why not enjoy the ride along the way.

TDGS – Grind On!