First off, NO! Not that kind of finishing sicko! I’m talking about completion of the process you set out on.

Be honest, how many times have you started a project and never got around to finishing it? I hope everyone is raising their hands if they’re truly being honest with themselves. But that’s ok, because it’s so easy to do and since everyone has probably done the same thing at some point, who’s to judge right? However, as TGDS believers, we can’t allow that anymore.

Since this blog is dedicated to The Grinders and the people that have learned to push themselves to and beyond their limits, I thought we should touch on the importance of finishing.

I’ve learned that everything you start is worth finishing because there are lessons to be learned in everything we do in life. Whether you left your clothes in the hamper after the dryer because you didn’t want to fold them, or you’re cleaning your inbox and are almost done but really want to go home, or you’ve already run 6, 100 yard sprints but the workout calls for 8, finish everything.

The importance of finishing comes into play in multiple aspects of life. As a person who’s working towards your goals, finishing is a great indicator of your progress. We all know the people that are “most of the way” finishers. They come close or get the majority of the task done, but what’s left? Work for someone else to finish, below average products, oh and not to mention, you leave yourself open to questioning and doubt by your peers and superiors. Is that the type of work you want your name associated with? Is that the kind of reputation you want?

Let’s relate it to sports because, well, I know sports. Coaches do a great job of stressing the importance of finishing and usually, the teams that take that coaching are the ones holding the banners at the end of the season. Athletes are bread into the world of finishing. Almost every aspect of the athletic world has a specified beginning and end.
“It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”
“It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish”
Or even the team holding 4 fingers in the air before the start of the 4th quarter.

In sports, finishing is where the results are and the beauty of sports is how well they relate to life. The mentality that “I’m not beat until the clock hits 0:00” is what drives the average to become good, the good to become great, and the great to become legends.

The reason the act of finishing is so important is the result right? Wrong. The reason it’s important, is because the process is where the insight lies. That’s how you learn about yourself. You can’t allow yourself to quit because you don’t like doing something or because it’s harder than you thought. You chose to start down the road and there’s no turning back because when you finish, you will be stronger, smarter and more prepared because of it.

I challenge you to adopt the Finisher mentality. This week, finish everything you start. Give yourself a chance to try something new and even if it’s not what you expected finish, because if nothing else, you’ll know that’s not for you.

Always keep your eyes open for opportunities to grow as a person. Push forward, only look back to learn, and as always Grind On!