Good Morning and happy Friday! We all love that feeling waking up on Friday morning. You can practically smell the weekend and fun times ahead. It’s so tempting to sit back and coast through the day making an easy transition into the weekend…. keyword being tempting.

As Grinders, we already know we need to finish everything and that includes your week. For me, Fridays have always been the days that I put the finishing touches on my weeks projects. In the office, I would save the best sales calls and follow up emails for Fridays because they usually bring a lighter feel and people are more interested in talking.

Fridays at the gym have always been one of my favorites.

In college, we called them Finish Fridays. During our summer conditioning phase, we basically spend the week focusing on speed work, agility, strength and conditioning. Fridays usually had a special treat in store for us, heavy back squats and running the upper decks of the stadium. As you first arrived at the program, you dreaded Fridays because those were the days that really tested you.

During the rest of the week, there were multiple times during the days that you could come in and get your workout in depending on your schedule, but Fridays were different. At 6am the whole team would start in the weight room. 100 guys with sleepy eyes and messy hair waiting for the party to start. As the warmup started, the energy in the room started to grow. Guys were moving and bouncing around, the trash talk and callouts started slowly but soon were like cackling crows across the room. It was still relatively quiet until… this song started. Boom, the room erupts! Yells, screams, cawsss, and yeeees, filled the room as we started pumping iron.

I can hear our strength coach to this day, “Best day of the week fellas! Get your minds right and finish!”

My first ever Finish Friday was my first full day with the team. I had graduated high school the week before and joined the program early to join summer conditioning. Looking back, it was my first baptism into college football. The weight room scene blew my mind. I had never seen guys having so much fun while working so hard. Squats being one of my least favorite lifts, I was just trying to get through it. Another freshman to the program and I were paired together as lifting partners and as we headed out to the stadium, we both looked at each other with uneasy feelings about what was about to happen.

We make our way up the concrete stairs and landings until we’re at the upper decks. By the time we got up there most of the team was in position and I looked at the other freshman and whispered “My legs are already shaking.” All of a sudden Coach was yelling out inaudible commands from 30 rows above us and the whistle blows. 100 guys up the stadium seats (we ran on the bleachers themselves not the stairs to give everyone enough room) it sounded like thunder.

The first rep sets the tone and immediately you feel the work your legs just did in the weight room. Once you get to the top you think you’re done, but you’re wrong. The rest time starts as soon as the last guy touches the top, but, you still have to get all the way back down these bleachers. We ran 8 my first day, but it could have been 20. Somehow, I didn’t fall and fuck my shit up and made all my times. It was probably fear that pushed me through that first time on the decks, but the fact that I finished when both older guys and freshman weren’t making their times, instilled so much confidence in me moving forward through my career.

The decks taught me a lot about myself that day. And throughout my career, Finish Fridays were always the days that tested you mentally and physically. From those times, I learned to apply the same mind set that TGDS calls for throughout the week and even more so on Fridays.

I hope you find yourself applying your TGDS mindset to your Fridays. It’s amazing what that little extra effort and putting the final touches on your weeks masterpiece does for your sense of accomplishment and progress through the week.

Happy Friday and as always, Grind On!