A basic human need to understand. It starts early in all of us as children. Why this and why that? Constant curiosity as to why something is the way it is. The funny thing is that as you get older, it doesn’t stop, your “whys” just change.

So what does that have to do with TGDS? Everything.

Without a meaning behind your actions, what’s the point? I’ve touched on it previously and I’ll elaborate more now but having a Why is the anchor that keeps your focus on the task at hand.

It doesn’t matter if it’s school, sports, work, or even your hobbies. And what trips people up is trying to look for a deep meaning as to why. From my experiences, it doesn’t matter how deep your Why is, but it matters that you have it.

I know I know, that might sound a bit shallow, but is working just to make money to provide for yourself and loved ones a shallow thought? Not at all. Point being, you don’t have to be saving the world or rescuing orphans to put forth your best effort.


Take a minute to think about your daily routine. As you’re looking at the activities for the day, think about what each of those mean to you and why you do them. Write them down. Now, as you go through your day think about your Whys for each activity before you start each one. There will come a time when something on your agenda becomes mundane, or maybe it’s the upcoming WOD that you’re nervous about because it’s going to be a killer. When you start to feel yourself losing focus, take a deep breath, think about your Why, and push forward.

You deserve the respect to yourself to always put your best foot forward. Don’t let your mind trick you into giving less than your best by forgetting that everything you do has a reason. A reason that means something to YOU!

Grind on!