Bill Nye The Science Guy! Bill! Bill! Bill!

To this day, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It’s funny how people have a tendency to come in and out of your life. Bill was a staple in my childhood with his show and providing all kinds or fun ways to learn about science and the world we live in.

Fast forward 15 years and all of a sudden Bill is back! He’s on Instagram, Twitter, hell, he’s even hanging out with Fat Jewish and DJ Khaled at dinner parties. He’s come along way since his early 90’s educational children’s show.

I was looking for something to spark a post this morning and the quote above struck me as so obvious, but so perfect as well.

He’s absolutely right. Everyone you encounter has the potential to share something valuable with you that you didn’t know before. The trick, is being open enough to see what they have to share.

I’ve been lucky in life to have had been exposed to a multitude of different situations and groups of people. I’ve lived in suburban Idaho, been jet setting with millionaires on vacations, had dinners with politicians, crashed house parties in the hood, and even shared the field with some of the NFL’s elite players. And if I’m being honest, sometimes what people share is what you least expect of that person.

People will surprise you. It doesn’t matter what someone’s status is or how much education they have. None of that matters when it comes to knowledge. Business tycoons have shown me that you don’t always have to be the smartest guy in the room to be the most successful. While in speaking with some pro athletes, I felt like I was talking to Harvard Grads in finance. The point is to let yourself be open to others and the knowledge they could have.

For us, the TGDS followers, our Grind isn’t limited to one field or arena. A true Grinder is looking to grow themselves in all areas to be a more complete individual. Physically, mentally, and spiritually we can all expand our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Let the people you meet today remind you of everything you don’t know but want to. Be open to new ideas and opportunities that may have not been as attractive before. Share as much knowledge as you seek. You have more understanding inside of you than you give yourself credit for so you just might surprise yourself as well.

Push yourself to grow, be open to others and learn everyday. It’s a Grind, but it’s worth it.

Grind On.