Is that how you feel about your past? At times, I want nothing more than to forget certain points in my life. Whether they were times of struggle, pain, or awkwardness we all have times we’d rather forget. But the past is much more important than a couple of snap shots on your timeline. Our pasts can teach us things we’d never expect to learn, you just have to know where to look.

The past can be tricky to get her to spill her secrets. At times, it can be uncomfortable revisiting those times pain and remembering those feelings. It’s not fun going back in our minds to times when we acted foolishly or just flat out stupidly. But facing yourself and the times that caused physical or emotional stresses can shed light on the lessons you may have missed.

The secret? Admit it. Admit everything. Don’t be shy or ashamed. Be wholeheartedly open and honest. Be true to yourself to let yourself grow and know that your past does not limit your future. You, right now at this very moment have all the powers and tools necessary to make your life better. From this moment forward, your past is not a wound you cover up with band-aid. Your past is your treasure chest of experience that your draw knowledge from.


As we enjoy this weekend of celebration of American and our past as a country I think it’s as important now, as much as ever, that we all take a minute to remember our pasts.

The world we live in today is as fast as it’s ever been. We’re all so focused on the next big event, or job, or trip and our future goals. As we should be. There’s nothing more exciting than the unknown of the future. But our past can make the journey that much more special if we embrace it.

The Grind has become the phrase I use to describe so many different aspects of life. To me, it transcends many borders and boundaries that typically separate the lives we lead. The Grind of personal growth, no matter what realm of growth you’re working on, must include reflection of your past. Without it, we’re bound to make the same mistakes throughout life, instead of discovering new mistakes along the way.


Take a minute this weekend to think about your past. Is there something you need to let go of? Is there something you need to bring back into your life that you lost? As we reflect and remember what makes the United States the greatest country in the world and celebrate our nation’s birthday, celebrate your own life. Celebrate the times of happiness and struggle. After all, those are the times that brought you to this very moment. And those are the times that, if you look for it, can hold the secrets to your dreams and goals of the future.


Grind on.