Do you agree? Do you feel inferior seeing someone accomplish goals before you do?

I think it’s easy for us all to get caught up in competition with those around us. We see other people achieving successes or hitting milestones and it can cause frustrations or jealousy within our own lives.

In 1913, America was introduced to the term “keeping up with the Joneses”. Since, we’ve become a nation constantly comparing our success to others to judge our ranking on the social ladder. Whether it’s monetary, status, or physical possessions, what we see of others’, we let impact how we feel about our own success.

I admit that I’m guilty of this sort of comparison. Although I’m proud of my accomplishments and what I’ve been able to do in my life thus far, as my goals change direction and grow, I still catch myself comparing my current situation to others’. And what’s most frustrating to me, is when you see someone, who in your own mind, doesn’t put in the time or effort that you do and sees success.

“How are they doing _____ and I’m working my ass off and not seeing results?”

Patience. Before you jump to conclusions and damn yourself for not being good enough, remember, you are living your journey. Not someone else’s. Everyone’s own personal journey will unfold as it should and when it should. Comparing your mile to your neighbor’s or your boss’s will only drain your energy and motivation.


Wise words from Teddy.

And his words hold true. Especially in today’s world of social media and readily available information at our finger tips. We can look up celebrity net worth with just a few clicks on our keyboards or we’re constantly bombarded with pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram of people showing off their successes. But be careful, not everything as it always appears.

“Flexing on the gram” as the kids say, is essentially showing off for your followers. Ego much? But seriously, do you think that everyone’s lives are truly what they portray on their social media platforms? No way!

Everyone wants to make themselves look good, especially in front of others. As learned earlier, this has been happening since 1913!!! But remember, just because someone posts a new house, expensive vacation, or that out of their league new significant other, doesn’t always mean life is honkey-dorey behind the scenes.

Let’s not forget to give credit where credit is due either. From an outside perspective, we have no idea what it’s taken for others to reach their level of success. The time and effort they have put in are personal to them and while looking at your own goals, you can’t focus on what’s outside.


You can’t. As a successful person, you have to focus on you. Your life, your goals, and your process. No one can live it for you and no one else’s successes will determine your own. Keep your head down, eyes on the prize and grind like you never have. Before you know it, the Joneses that you’ve been trying to keep up with will be a distant memory.

Don’t forget that everyone has their own journey and more importantly, don’t let another’s journey deter you from chasing your own dreams.

Grind On!