What’s your sign?

Although the question might sound a little cliche, it’s always been something that interests me. I remember being young and first learning about signs of the zodiac and thinking, “That’s cool! But why is my sign a virgin?!” #virgoproblems

But as I got older and started reading my horoscopes more and learning about what my, and other zodiac signs were, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by how close these descriptions were. It seemed like every time (which wasn’t super often) I read my horoscope, they were spot on to what was going on in my life.

Since then, it’s almost been comical as to how close my daily predictions correlate back to events in my life. And since I’m not a huge astrologist, to me, it seems more strange that they continue being so relatable.

But, I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit superstitious. Maybe it stems from sports, or maybe I just never wanted to stop believing in the “magic” of life. Irregardless, fortunes, horoscopes, dreams, and superstitions all have a certain level of influence in my life.

Lately, I’ve been struggling a little bit with the transition back into normal life from the football world again. Thoughts and questions about whether to continue pursuing something that, at one point, gave me a lot of satisfactions and pride, or finally acknowledging and accepting that I had a great career and moving forward with other parts of my life.

I’ve been here before. In 2013, after the Kansas City Chiefs experience, I was in the same boat. Fresh from pro football, a little down on myself, and looking for the next chapter. A transition period; something that’s always challenging for all of us. We’ve talked about it before, but it doesn’t get any easier. Learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Easier said than done.



It’s true, change is difficult, especially when you’re unsure of the next move. Even more so, when you’re not even sure which direction to go in. Which brings me back to signs.

Do you believe in them? Have you ever had a moment when you felt your life was trying to tell you something? Or point you in the right direction?

I certainly have. Just the other day, my horoscope was one of those, “holy shit” kind of signs.

For whatever reason, I lost some of my creative drive at the beginning of August. I hit a bit of a slump in ideas and what to write about. Not that TGDS has a followers or that I need to create this amazing content, but just the fact that I felt kind of repetitive with what I was writing about. So I took some time off. I wanted to change things up and see if some new perspective would help…. I’m still debating if it did or not.

Back to the horoscope. So, about a week after my last post, I was kind of in a funk. It’s the time of year that NFL training camps are starting and football is everywhere at every level. Since, I graduated college, this is the toughest time of year for me. I can’t seem to let go of the feeling that when fall starts to roll around, it’s time to put on the helmet, strap on the pads, and get to work. And this year, is no exception. The only difference being that had everything gone well in Ottawa, I WOULD be playing right now!

Anyway, so I’m in a funk, football weighing heavy on my mind and heart, but also, there’s some internal pressure to get something, anything going. Being stagnant is something I struggle with. I don’t like the feeling of accomplishing nothing. So in the transition phases, I tend to get a little anxious.

A friend invited me to grab a much needed beer to talk and catch up on things. I was looking forward to checking out a new spot and venting about some frustrations that had been building. After settling up to the bar with some cold brews it felt great to start talking and getting things off my chest. From football to jobs to cross country moves, we touched on it all and in between.

Several beers in, my friend went to use the restroom finally (I had already been twice because I have the bladder the size of a 10 year old) and I saw a local events/arts newspaper on the end of the bar. Normally, I use this paper as a way to see what concerts or events are coming up and occasionally I’ll take a look at their personal classifieds for a good laugh. So I grabbed the paper and flipped it open. This was the first page I saw.


I could hear the gears in my head screeching to a halt as I finished the last line. WTF?! Did this one little blurb just explain the last 2 years of my life?! It was uncanny how much this related to my situation. I’ve thought about those exact words multiple times in my head, but having it served up on a platter was different. It took me a minute to process what I was reading. My friend walked up during my second read and asked if I was ok due to the look on my face. When I passed the paper over, the response I got was “Yikes! that’s weird!”

The rest of the night consisted of more beers, talk of horoscopes and signs and eventually drunken pizza binging. A lovely evening if you ask me. But before we left the bar, I snapped a quick pic of the horoscope to revisit later.

I hesitate to show this to anyone. As I mentioned, I’ve always been a little superstitious and even more so, self-conscious. “Maybe I’m reading too much into things?” I kept asking myself.

I wish I could say there was some sort of end to this story, but it’s still unfolding. The point of bringing it up is to remind myself to be open and conscious to the world around you. You might be on the exact right path and just need a little reminder that you’re going in the right direction. Or, you might be like me, in a transition phase in life and needing a little nudge in the right direction. Whichever you are, I encourage you to be open to the universe. Look for the little signs that come your way, they could bring some new perspective to an old challenge.

I don’t know if there’s relevancy behind all of the fortunes and horoscopes out there. Maybe they’re nothing more than clever writing that applies to most situations and created to encourage the superstitious, like me, to buy newspapers. But, maybe not. Maybe all the answers we’re looking for are right there in our everyday lives, and we just have to look hard enough to see them.

Good luck with whatever challenges or decisions you have to make today. Draw strength from knowing we’re all in the same boat, and listen to your own universe, she might be trying to tell you something.

Grind On.