Ever get anxious? Of course you do, we all do. It’s natural for people to want something to happen sooner than planned. Especially, when the “something” is important. Could be positive or negative or even worse unknown, but it’s that waiting period that seems to create the most angst. At least in my life.

I don’t consider myself someone who suffers from anxiety, but, that doesn’t mean that anxiety hasn’t affected me over the years. Big decisions, events, travel, change, all can contribute to feelings of unrest of uneasy-ness as you wait. But why? Why do we stress about events that either we can’t control at all or have little control until they begin?

Is it fear? The unknowing can be a huge burden to hold on to. Did I do enough of X? Am I going to be ok if Y happens? Questions that run through your head all day and as if that wasn’t enough, just when you go to lay down, the questions come roaring back providing all the energy you need to stay up all night pondering instead of sleeping. I hate when that happens because I start feeling like the quote below.


Now, hopefully it’s not that bad for you. If it is, well, let’s just say you have problems that TGDS can’t help with. Maybe seek some help from a medical professional? Kidding, I’m a pro.

But seriously, we all stress and get anxious. I’m currently a level 6 on my stress scale just being a position of transition (although, it feels more appropriate calling it “in limbo”). Sometimes we need a friendly reminder about patience. Luckily, yesterday I got my reminder.

After finishing a nice core day at the gym, I was heading to the locker room to grab my bag and leave. Just as I came around the corner, my friend Dave and I literally almost ran into each other. Normally, when I’m in gym mode, I’m not a big talker. I like to get in, put my headphones on and get to work. It’s my personal therapy of sorts. On most days, a quick hello and then I’m off again would be the treatment for Dave. But yesterday was different.

A big handshake and embrace, we hadn’t seen each other for a while, but instead of letting go, Dave just smiled and asked, “How are you? What’s going on with you?”

Dave’s one of those people that when they ask that, they really mean it. He’s genuinely concerned and cares about his friends. So we chatted. I told him I was starting the job search process and was a little anxious about the unknown. It was also perfect timing because Dave is in the medical/pharmaceutical sales world, which is a direction I’ve been interested in for a long time now.

As soon as I mentioned I was looking, Dave lit up with enthusiasm. “Oh man, you’d be great at that. And you have sales experience too? Oh yeah, you’re solid then. Shoot me your resume and I’ll pass it along to a few contacts.”

Just like that my whole attitude change. An hour of crushing core and bodyweight training couldn’t get me out of my funk, but a 5 minute conversation with a friend instantly changed my mood. What’s more is that not too long after I left the gym feeling much more confident about the job search, I got a call from good old Pops confirming he would help me figure out some plans with my house and living situation, which I been stressing about hard since a roommate up and bailed without notice.

After that, my whole day seemed to shift to more positive. I was more relaxed, I had been invigorated by a little hope and some support from those that are close to me. Just 2 quick conversations and a big chunk of my anxiety was released.

So today, I just want to remind you, and myself, to remember good things take time. Whether you’re changing jobs, moving, starting something new or waiting on news, understand that just because you want something now, doesn’t mean it will happen now. But the wait doesn’t mean you should let the anticipation overwhelm you. All you can do is keep your nose to the grindstone and keep working. Stay the course. And when you do feel like you’re stressing about stressing, find your support pillars. The people in your life that want success for you. It’s amazing what a quick phone call or a fresh perspective can do for your own mindset.

No matter what, remember The Grind Doesn’t Stop. Just keep swimming, in due time little Dory. In due time.

Grind On.